Fiona Duncan

Fiona wearing "Sofia and the Shark"

Fiona wearing "Sofia and the Shark"

Fiona is a woman of the waves.  A Pilates instructor, surfer, and environmentalist, she is also the founder of Wahine on Waves, a program designed to get girls and women involved with surfing, fitness, and ocean mindedness.  

Occupation: Pilates Instructor, Wahine on Waves founder & director, surf coach, snowboard coach & guide

Ocean Interests: Surfing, diving, body boarding, hand planing & ocean swimming, and SUP.  One of my all time favorite things to do is just stare at the ocean and admire its beauty.


Birthday: Jun 9, 1976

Born: Hastings, New Zealand 

Lives: Byron Bay, Australia

Favorite Animal: Dolphin

"I am extremely passionate about my Wahine on Waves program, encouraging girls of any ability and age to get into the water and enjoy tangaroa ( meaning ocean in maori ), to embark on a journey with surfing has so many positive benefits, not only health and fitness, personal progression and environmental awareness, but also meeting rad inspiring people!

I love to collaborate with like minded people! Ocean Fit, Wahine & Stand Up Paddle & Pilates, Sirens Surf School. Check out my site for Whats ON!

Finally, I really love teaching Pilates! It's so great to prehab your body rather than rehab! Be more aware of your physical & mental capabilities! Whole body health!"    -Fiona


Prawno Ambassadors are inspirational folks who are actively engaged in ocean activity and conservation. Whether it is marine awareness, advocacy, or through sportsmanship, each ambassador is an illustration of leadership and example for the betterment of our world's oceans.