Prawno contributes a portion of proceeds to organizations dedicated to marine conservation and education, as well as the promotion of sustainable fishing practices and the creation of economic alternatives to commercial fishing.

Partner organizations include

  • Coral Restoration Foundation. Creates offshore nurseries and restoration programs for threatened coral species. Their research and restoration programs in the Florida Keys have been replicated around the world.

  • Shark GuardianAims to advance the conservation of shark species worldwide for their sustainable management and to protect the natural environment. They do this through education, conservation, developing skills, and promoting research and projects.

  • Olive Ridley Project. Prawno teamed up with ORP for an exclusive design to benefit their work towards eliminating ghost nets from the Indian Ocean, which entangle and harm marine life, particularly the Olive Ridley sea turtles.

  • Manta Trust. UK charity whose mission is to protect manta rays and their habitat through research, awareness and education.

  • TruBlue Foundation. We've partnered with World Champion freediver William Trubridge and underwater yogini Britta Trubridge to create designs supporting the protection of the Maui's Dolphin, of which a mere 55 remain. Proceeds from the Vertical Blue and Maui's Dolphin designs are donated to the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union, which leads the effort to defend these endangered creatures.

  • Roatan Marine Park (RMP). A grassroots non-profit organization located on the island of Roatan, Honduras. The organization works to protect a healthy and sustainable marine environment in the face of overfishing, a rapid influx of tourism and unregulated large-scale development. To promote economic alternatives to fishing, the RMP supports women on the island to manufacture coconut oil, honey and handicrafts that are made primarily from recycled materials.

If your business or non-profit organization is interested in teaming up with Prawno to benefit marine conservation, please email us at