Organic RPET Tonic Crew Tee - Kiwi


Tonic comes from time we spent with shark wrangler, Terri Harrison, of Stuart Cove's in the Bahamas.  Terri held the shark in tonic immobility (see below), as dozens of other Caribbean reef sharks circled above.

Printed by hand in North Carolina.

50% Organic Cotton, 50% Recycled Polyester made from plastic bottles.

Tonic immobility according to Wikipedia: 

Apparent death, colloquially known as playing deadfeigning death, or playing possum, is a behavior in which an animal takes on the appearance of being dead. This form of animal deception is an adaptive behavior also known as tonic immobility or thanatosis. Apparent death can be used as a defense mechanism or as a form of aggressive mimicry, and occurs in a wide range of animals.


Size       Chest to fit

  S          34-36”

 M          38-40”

  L          42-44”

 XL         46-48”

XXL       50-52”


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