Plastic Wave - Make Single Use Plastics a Wave of the Past

As divers and ocean lovers, we can't ignore the impact humans have on the ocean.  Whether it's a common sighting of the strange "bag fish" or the multi-foot layer of garbage that seems to loom over some of the best macro sites in Indonesia, our hand just cannot be overlooked.  

So what can we do?  For starters, we can all commit to upping our efforts to decrease our individual single plastic use.  From straws to bottles to bags, we can all find small ways to use less.  

As a clothing company, we know our impact is not perfect, which is why we encourage you to find ways to recycle your old clothing.  Did you know that clothes sitting in landfills contribute greatly to greenhouse gas emissions?  By recycling your old clothing or donating it, you are mitigating some of the burden on the environment.

And so in order to bring this issue to the forefront of our own conservation concerns, we have just released a new design called "Plastic Wave."  It is made out of 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled polyester made from plastic bottles.  Our hope is to remind divers, ocean lovers and everyday citizens of the world that we all must do our part to curb this massive problem we are all contributing to.