Welcoming New Ambassadors, Jillian Morris Brake and Duncan Brake to the Prawno Family

We feel pretty lucky to be sharing the news that we have just welcomed shark conservationist and photographer, Jillian Morris Brake, founder of Sharks4kids and Emmy nominated cinematographer, Duncan Brake, to the Prawno Ambassador Team!  Both Jillian and Duncan have demonstrated for years their commitment and passion to ocean conservation by teaching children about the importance of sharks and filling television sets with inspiring underwater imagery.  The pair live on Bimini where they spend a lot of time with some of the Bahamas' most lovable sharks.  To learn more about Jillian and Duncan, check out their bios below.

Jillian Morris Brake

Jillian Morris is a shark conservationist, award winning photographer, videographer and marine biologist. She was born and raised in Maine and after graduating with a degree in Behavioral Biology from The University of New England, she began traveling the world to work with sharks. Jillian worked as a research assistant and shark dive guide in the Florida Keys, The Bahamas and Australia before moving to California to teach underwater photo and video. Combining her science background with her passion for photography, Jillian joined the conservation media group OceanicAllstars. As Executive Director, Jillian has filmed for the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and many other networks.

In 2012 she founded Sharks4Kids, Inc., a nonprofit focused on creating the next generation of shark advocates through education, outreach and adventure. Through this program Jillian is working to share shark education and conservation with students across the world. She also published her first children’s book called Norman the Nurse Shark in June 2016. She is currently based on the island of South Bimini with her husband Duncan Brake and adopted pit bull Lusca.

Follow Jillian on Instagram: @BiminiSharkGirl @SharkEducation Follow Jillian on Twitter: @BiminiSharkGirl @OceanicAllstars @Sharks4kids 

Duncan Brake

Duncan Brake is an Emmy nominated cinematographer who has traveled, photographed and filmed, extensively throughout the world. From fighting bull elephant seals on the Antarctic Island of South Georgia to four meter tiger sharks in the crystal blue waters off Grand Bahama, Duncan has filmed some epic action. After graduating in Marine Biology from Stirling University in Scotland, Duncan braved the elements of the South Atlantic for 3 years working from the Falkland Islands down to Antarctica as a marine biologist and freelance cameraman. Duncan then defrosted by venturing up to work as the Media Operations manager and assistant lab manager for the world renowned Bimini Biological Field Station where he gained thousands of hours of experience in the water working with, photographing and filming sharks in their natural habitats.

After spending over two and a half years at the Shark Lab, Duncan started working full time as a freelance camera operator and has shot for The BBC, CBBC, Discovery, National Geographic, Animal Planet, Discovery Canada, ITV and many more. He is the founder of conservation media company OceanicAllstars and the media director for Sharks4Kids. He currently lives on the island of South Bimini with is wife Jillian and their adopted island pit bull Lusca. 

Follow Duncan on Instagram: @Duncan_Brake