The Ice Queen and Her Snap Happy Sister

As we round out our Ambassador Family, which yes, we are aware is mostly female, we top off our crew with sisters Johanna Nordblad and Elina Manninen.  Both women are highly creative and take their talents underwater and even under ice!  Johanna, with her trusty monofin, glides seamlessly through the water on one breath, and holds a world record under ice.  Elina is a professional photographer, and often collaborates with Johanna to create beautiful images both underwater and on land.

You might recognize one of their latest projects, "Johanna" (below), which is a gorgeous short film shot in the lakes near their home in Finland by Director, Ian Derry.  If you want to learn more about holding your breath under ice and diving for a few minutes, check out the behind the scenes footage to see just how harsh these conditions really are. And to think that both ladies spend their free time voluntarily hanging out in -14 degree water is, well, nothing short of mind blowing!

The film, "Johanna"

The behind the scenes footage of the making of "Johanna."

Photo by Daan Verhoeven. 

Photo by Daan Verhoeven. 

To learn more about Johanna, Elina and our other ambassadors, check out our Ambassador Page: