Prawno Holiday Gift Guide

It's that most wonderful time of year again when we get to give (and, ahem, receive) gifts to/from friends and loved ones.  So for all of you unimaginative, lost procrastinators out there, don't worry, we've got you covered!

For The Dude Without A Hobby

Even those individuals who seem to work for pleasure need to clothe themselves.  It's simple law in many parts (and of many parts).  So why not gift this money maker with the gift of comfort: triblend tees.  They're good in bed, in the evenings and even in those rare times when he leaves the suit and tie in the closet.  Made to make you feel like you're wearing fluffy clouds.  Comes in designs for the more conservative and for those who want to let a little freak leak out.

For The Lady Who Lounges

Let's face it, comfy clothes are in.  Screw the high heels and the cleavage. We want to feel like we don't give a shit on the inside while outwardly looking cute as all get out.  So what do you give the lady who functions a little higher than she fashions?  Why flowy stuff made out of organic cotton and luscious bamboo, of course!  If it's good enough to make the panda bears' coats nice and slick, well then it is good enough to make your lady look lovely. (Colors limited to "natural" choices because, you know, it's organic-y and what not, and mint does not flow in nature all that naturally).

For The Flowy Not Showy Type

Some like it tight, some like it flowy.  If the gal you have your eye on would rather have some breeze flow through the trees and/or prefers to keep the muffin tops tucked in the bread drawer, then we've got some great picks for you!

For The Eco Minded In The Family

So yes, it is a fact that more than half of our products are made from organic cotton, recycled plastic bottles and bamboo, however we're talking about messaging here, folks.  So for the protester, the reef champion and the loudspeaker educator, consider the "Plastic Wave" tee (made from organic cotton/recycled plastic bottles), which reminds us to curb our single use plastics, many of which end up in the oceans.  Alternatively, we have the "Olive Ridley" tee of which portions of proceeds go towards The Olive Ridley Project.

For That Friend Who Makes You Turn Your Heat On In Summer

Okay, so it's easy to make fun of your friends who seem to have ice blocks for feet, but perhaps they are just making excuses to be able to lounge in warm, comfy clothes as much as possible. So for the icicle in the family, the recycled plastic bottle/organic cotton fleece hoodies are the ticket to present giving success.  These seemingly indestructible garments seem to last forever, which is a good thing, considering your loved one might never take it off!

For The Lightweights Of The Family

Not everyone needs the coziness of a fleece hoodie.  So for cooler evenings, breezy dive boats and layering, the lightweight zips and pullovers are a nice solution to ward off the slight chill brought on by even tropical climates.  

For The Sun-A-Phobe


There are those who want nothing but strings covering their bodies when they greet the sun, and there are others who dress for a brisk fall day when facing the closest star to our planet.  It is perhaps the latter who are the smart ones for obvious reasons, but the bundler doesn't always get the looks.  Unless he or she is wearing a sweet, eye-grabbing sun shirt or rash guard that is! With UPFs ranging from 30-50+, your Sun-A-Phobe will put function and fashion to good, protective use.  Also perfect for that snorkeler, kayaker, SUPer, surfer, kiter and sand castle builder in the fam!

For The Survivors And Supporters In The Bunch

Just about everyone has been touched in some way by cancer.  Whether directly or through a friend or family member, it is an undeniably present force in our lives.  In celebration of survivors and in support of those waging the big fight, we have teamed up with Dive Into the Pink to raise funds and awareness for the disease.  Learn more about DITP's efforts to use scuba diving as a morale booster and way to raise funds for the cause, and support this wonderful nonprofit with our limited edition "Dive Into the Pink Loop Blouse."

For That Camel Of A Coworker Who Loves Her Bottled Water

Photo by Ashleigh Baird

Photo by Ashleigh Baird

Many of us are trying to be more conscious of what we consume and how we consume it. Starting with simple things like carpooling and recycling, and lately, moving onto grander ideas such as reusable shopping bags and cutting back on our plastic bottle use through using kanteens and reusable water bottles.  Despite resistance by many old fogies and climate change deniers, it is a new time, and it is no longer cool to waste.  So drop a kind hint in the form of a present to that guy sitting in the next cubicle who keeps a slab of bottled water under his desk.  You'll be saving him time, money, harmful chemicals from plastic, as well as growing embarrassment.  Because let's face it, some folks just haven't caught on yet.

For The Water Babies In The Family

If you know a little human whose legs have recently sprouted from rolls to baguettes, and who loves to shovel sand and wade in the shallow end, then our new jumpsuit rash guards and toddler rash guards are the  perfect gift.  As it is important to keep the sun away from such fresh, delicate skin, and reapplying sunscreen might slip the mind of busy parents (plus it's not great for the environment), these rash guards are a great solution for protecting such a fair and tender organ.

For The Niece And Nephew Who Are Too Cool For School

As wildlife and travel shows are becoming more and more popular,  kids' interests in nature is soaring.  And so, back in the day when wearing a dolphin shirt might have gotten you booed back to Disney World, today, kids are wearing sharks, turtles and other animals with knowledgeable pride.  So get your kid environmentally hip with one of our sweet designs that even high schoolers will envy.

For The Bro Of The Bunch


What wild haired bro doesn't need another cap to add to his or her collection?  With colors to fit the West Coast surfer flare and the more subdued, "natural" tones to roll with the East Coast vibe, you're sure to find a color combo to flow with just about any combination of chi you're shopping for.

For The Shopper Who Is In Totes Need Of Ditching The Plastic Grocery Bags


Along with plastic bottles, we've seen way too many plastic bags floating in the ocean.  So for the absent minded sibling and the double bagging boyfriend, give the gift of the tote.  They are great not only for groceries, but for work, school, as a carryon on the airplane, and as a bag for toys and other weekend wares.  

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