Prawno Ambassador, 5Gyres Ambassador and Author, Adam Skolnick, Gives Us the Scoop

Marine conservation isn't just about protecting certain groups of lovable animals.  While we all want to save the dolphins and the whales, there is a looming issue that has been heavily ignored since the onset of packaged foods and goods, which is plastic waste.  There are tens of thousands of tons of marine plastics in our oceans, harming sea life and damaging/toxifying the food chain (while nobody really knows how long it takes plastics to decompose in the oceans, the estimate is 400-600 years; and as it breaks down, it continually releases toxic chemicals). Almost all of it is a result of single use consumer plastic.  So what can we all do in our daily lives to help curb the continuation of this phenomenon?  Author of One Breath, Adam Skolnickgives us a few simple ideas that can make a difference.

1.     Bag it: Make sure to bring reusable bags with you on every grocery store run.

2.     Steel from the Tap: Plastic water bottles aren’t just a waste, they may also be harmful to your health.

3.    Straws are for Suckers: Bartenders and servers will often give you one by default. Preempt the straw or bring your own steel or glass straw.

4.    Re-imagine Take Out: Never be caught without your own stainless steel take away containers and bamboo utensils.

5.    Go With Glass (or metal or paper): Not everything is packed in plastic. It just seems that way.

6.    Balloons are for Clowns: No more birthday balloons, kids. Get creative!

7.    Corporate Responsibility: Join groups like 5Gyres ( and Upstream ( and help advocate for Extended Producer Responsibility laws in each and every state.

8.    Spread the Word: Don’t be shy, get your friends and family involved. We all need a plastic free sea!