Ways to Cut Down on Plastic While on the Road

Let's face it; traveling can be a bit of a puzzle.  Where am I going to eat?  Where am I going to sleep?  Did I pack enough underwear?  And while it is at times difficult to navigate changes in your schedule, it is even more difficult to keep up with good habits whether it's eating healthily, exercising, or even recycling.  Because we've had some experience with these somewhat pesky issues (and have ourselves been lazy with maintaining good habits on occasion), we've come up with some things you can do while on the road to maintain an earth-friendly lifestyle.

1) Bring your own refillable shampoos and conditioners (leave the irresistible small, travel souvenirs where they are).  Worried about space?  No problem, keep your bottles small.

2) Leave the bar of soap where it is and bring your own.  Remember in the 80’s when your mom would send you to camp with a bar of soap in a soap dish with a lid?  Yeah, think about how much soap and wrappers we waste in hotel rooms.  What’s wrong with a dispenser in the bathroom? 

3) Bring your own steel coffee mug to breakfast/on the airplane, and stay away from the Styrofoam, straws and plastic utensils.  (Seriously?  The waste is ridiculous).

4) Always carry a reusable water bottle with you (can use an insulated bottle that doubles for hot and cold beverages).  It’s better for your health and will save you money.

5) Dedicate a couple of reusable grocery bags to your dirties and your shoes.  Leave the plastic laundry bag in the closet.

6) Leave comments for hotels encouraging them to install those soap dispensers in rooms and to curve their plastic use in the breakfast room.

7) Make sure your hotel recycles. Ask them, and if they say no, let them know it's a deal breaker.

8) Reuse your towels (who really needs a new towel every single day?  Do you really need a separate towel for your hair and your body?)

9) Walk the city – you’ll see more and get that exercise you’re putting off.  

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