Rash Guard Revolution

Okay, so rash guards are not new, but they are for Prawno!  One of the biggest reasons they've become so popular in recent years is because we've all become more sun aware.  Roasting like a lobster is no longer fashionable, and taking care of your skin for the betterment of skin aging and cancer awareness is on everyone's mind.  But did you know that several of the sunscreens we use contain chemicals that are thought to be contributing to the demise of some of our oceans' reefs?  Can't catch a break here, right?  One solution is to check your sunscreen labels for the presence of oxybenzone (http://n.pr/2c8R1vj), but another idea is simply to cover up!  

And so, because we are clearly in the business of covering up, we have just released our initial range of rash guards.  And until midnight EST on Sunday, September 18th, you can take 15% off your order with promo code: HAMMER TRACKS!

* UPF 50+ sun protection, fast drying and breathable, durable compression fit, Made in the US