#PlasticFreeSeas Instagram Campaign

Photo by @hayleyjocarr of @lizparkinson1 wearing the "Plastic Wave" tee.

Photo by @hayleyjocarr of @lizparkinson1 wearing the "Plastic Wave" tee.


We are teaming up with Prawno Ambassador, PADI Ambassador, freediver and stunt woman, Liz Parkinson of Stuart Cove's in the Bahamas, in an Instagram campaign to promote #PlasticFreeSeas (March 15-17).  Getting involved is easy.  All you have to do is post a pic of how you are cutting down on plastics or advocating for ocean preservation, and make sure to do the following:

Tag @prawnoapparel @stuartcovesdivebahamas and Hashtag #PlasticFreeSeas

We will pick a few winners to be announced March 18th.  Prizes include our sweet "Kick The Single Use Plastic Habit" Kanteens and our "Plastic Wave" recycled/organic tees (in men and women).

Why Cutting Back On Plastics Is So Important

In this day and age, most of us are fairly aware of the impact that plastics have on our oceans. From ingestion of bottles, plastic bags and micro plastics to ghost nets that trap turtles, dolphins and sharks, to giant gyres of plastic swirling around in different oceans, the impact on wildlife is devastating.

And so, as ocean advocates, we must all try to do our part to cut down on our plastic consumption.  Even if you're not directly throwing your trash into the ocean, you might still be contributing to the problem through micro plastics in your beauty products, contribution to landfills, and trash carried by wind and other means.  So why not become more mindful of how we consume plastic firsthand?

The folks at Treehugger.com have some great ideas, including the obvious of using a kanteen (like our Kick The Single Use Plastic Habit Kanteens) or using cloth grocery bags (like our eco totes).  How is it that so many countries like Rwanda, Bangladesh, Morocco and Eritrea have totally banned and phased out plastic bags, yet developed countries like the US have yet to get on board?  It seems like all of the money lost for lobbying plastic companies pales in comparison to the longterm economic benefits that will come from having a cleaner environment.

Finally, it's clear that cutting back on plastics, a commodity that often seems unavoidable in our daily lives, requires a truly conscious effort.  But it is our duty as stewards of the planet to promote a grassroots effort to encourage our peers to join us in such a daunting yet important task.  So thank you, and please continue to encourage others to cut back whenever and wherever they can.

Stay tuned for more #PlasticFreeSeas campaigns from our awesome Prawno Ambassadors!