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Cenote Eco V-Neck - Grey

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This design was inspired by Lia's surreal photo shoot in the cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Placing cut out woodland animals on the branches of sunken trees found in many cenotes, she created an underwater forest scene. Then, she photographed a freediver lying on a branch, evoking an underwater Sleeping Beauty. In addition to those images, the design brings together coral shot in Palau and birds photographed from the water after a dive in the Banda Islands, Indonesia. Overall, the design is meant to portray a dream sequence seemingly above water, with each element mirroring how life underwater often mimics that on dry land.

Printed by hand in North Carolina.

Made from 50% Polyester (6.25% Recycled), 38% Cotton (6.25% Organic), 12% Rayon.

Unisex Fit.

Size     Fits sizes

 M          6-10

 L           10-14

 XL        14-18

XXL       18-22

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