Forrest Simon

A Florida Native who was raised in the beautiful waters of South Florida,  Forrest grew up a student to Mother Ocean learning to preserve, protect and respect her amazing resources all while enjoying the incredible opportunities she provided.   Freediving is, and has always been Forrest’s passion.  Between freedive safety advocacy, freedive events, teaching coursesand spreading the freedive ” gospel,” Forrest’s life and passions are immersed in the freedive community.   Along with his apnea related activities that he has going on locally, Forrest is also a member of the USA competitive team . 

When asked about being a Prawno Ambassador, Forrest responded, “I’m incredibly excited to be part of such a stellar brand / all star group of folks, from all levels.  Prawno and its ambassadors represent everything I love and am passionate about: ocean awareness, great people, positive vibes, outstanding products, and a name I am proud to represent and work with to Spread the Gospel!!

Follow Forrest on Instagram: go_native_freediving