Elina Manninen

Elina has always been an observer, the one who loves to look at people.  She loves to ‘see’ people, the way they really are, the fun kids have, the love families share. It makes her happy and she loves being able to give those beautiful memories back to her clients.  Her travels have opened her eyes to the beauty in natural, every day moments, and to see the changes in light in different parts of the world. This is what she strives for in her work.

If Elina is not somewhere in the world making a documentary project with her sister, Johanna Nordblad, she spends her time photographing children, families, child fashion and advertising.  She makes beautiful lifestyle images that are full of life, emotion, natural light and stories.

Elina is based in Helsinki, Finland.

Check out Elina’s work on her website: www.elinamanninen.com and follow her on Instagram @elinamanninen