Johanna Nordbland

Much like her sister Elina, Johanna is a creative.  She loves to draw, paint, make up stories and even create functional user interfaces, which can be rather frustrating and never ending.  She enjoys developing magazines layouts, coding websites and designing games.  She always carries a pencil, a sketchbook and a couple of marker pens.  Johanna has worked in digital media, printing products, and as a graphic designer in child & family marketing. She’s also been a producer, art director and creative director since 1997, with responsibilities ranging from drawing small furry creatures to being in charge of creating big concepts, projects and managing staff.

You can see some of Johanna’s creations, such as Onni Orava at S Group, Werneri rabbit at Hiihtokeskus or Helppi at Visit Helsinki.

In her free time, Johanna freedives, rides motocross or downhill bikes, snowboards and kayaks among other activities.  At times she freedives for records (she has held one World Record and has won several medals in the Freediving World Championships).

Johanna’s latest record is swimming under ice for 50 meters wearing only a swim suit!

Follow Johanna on Instagram: @johannanordblad