Kerry Hollowell

Fellow North Carolinian Kerry Hollowell became AIDA’s number one ranked female diver in the US in 2013, after diving for just a little over 2 years. That year, she posted the deepest numbers in constant weight and free immersion, and tied for no fins.  She also had the longest breath-hold with a five min thirty two second static apnea.

In 2014, she became the captain of the US National Women’s team, leading the team to compete at the World Championships in Sardinia, Italy. If it sounds like Kerry moves fast, it’s because she has to. She’s also a doctor specializing in emergency medicine, and at times, the two jobs have intersected.

In typical selfless fashion, she gave up her spot as a competitor in the 2014 Caribbean Cup to become the competition doctor, which allowed the event to continue. After the tragic loss of her friend and fellow freediver Nic Mevoli at another competition that year, she was inspired to become involved with improving the safety of freediving competitions. She is currently developing an advanced training program to teach Advanced Cardiac Life Support skills tailored to competitive freediving scenarios.
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