Pepe Arcos

Underwater photography in itself is a medium that takes even the most professional land photographer time to master. Adapting the elements and principles of design to altered optics and light as well as adding a physical element to shooting present challenges that are unique to underwater photography is no small challenge. But then add the phenomenon of breath hold to the equation, and here is where you encounter a subset. Freediver Pepe Arcos is such a talent. Using his elongated bi-fins for propulsion, Pepe is able to film and photograph with steadiness and grace. And with a filmmaker’s approach to storytelling and a fashion photographer’s eye for form and shape, this multitalented shooter is certainly one to keep an eye on in the future.

- Lia Barrett in Dive Photo Guide

Pepe is a fashion, conceptual and commercial photographer. He has won several awards, and has shot for several big brands.  Pepe lives in Bali.