Ashley & Ren Chapman

North Carolina natives, Ashley and Ren Chapman, are undoubtedly leaving their marks on the world of competitive freediving.  They took interest in the sport in 2008 as a means of spearfishing the North Carolina waters.

Years of competitive experience have culminated in 3 world records and 12 national records for Ashley.  Ren is an experienced safety diver for various international freediving competitions including PFI’s Deja Blue and has acted as Chief of safety for Suunto’s Vertical Blue, Caribbean Cup, The Big Blue and the Bonaire Deepsea Challenge.  Ren also boasts the position as coach to his world record holding wife.

The couple not only freedives throughout the Atlantic and Caribbean waters but live aboard their sailboat.  The 40′ Searunner takes the Chapmans and their daughter Ani (also a freediver) to idyllic locations around the world.

Follow the Chapmans on Twitter/Instagram @evolvefreediving