Jacque Comery

An ocean loving Australian, Jacque was born and raised in Melbourne Australia, and has since been in constant pursuit of adventures both above and below the ocean surface.

Jacque is a recreational and technical scuba diving instructor, and environmental engineer, with a passion for exploring the marine environment. A desire to discover a deeper connection with the underwater world recently drew her to start freediving training in Gili Trawangan.

After many years of scuba diving around Asia and the Pacific, Jacque spent two years sailing and diving the oceans of Asia on her small yacht, before moving to her most recent assignment as the Station Leader of a Sub-Antarctic Research Station, with the Australian Antarctic Division, on Macquarie Island in the Southern Ocean.

Whilst leading the Station on Macquarie Island, Jacque assisted in marine debris clean-ups of the islands remote coastlines, assisted in research of several sub-Antarctic marine species including elephant seals and sea birds such as the threatened Northern Giant Petrels, and had the rare privilege of experiencing the wild Southern Ocean in the sub-Antarctic latitudes, for an entire year.

Having  stepped off an icebreaker mid last year, Jacque plans to continue her involvement in promoting marine debris and ocean pollution awareness until she heads back to Antarctica this year!

Instagram @jacquecomery