Liz Parkinson

From an early age, Liz Parkinson has been a global citizen.  Born in the UK, she spent many of her formative years traveling and living all over the world.  After a long competitive swimming career, Liz discovered a natural affinity for scuba diving and freediving.  Combining her love of the ocean with her athletic aptitude, she currently lives in the Bahamas where she works in underwater film and stunt production, and also teaches both scuba and freediving.

But after years of working with marine life in the Bahamas, Liz’s real passion has morphed into using her freediving skills to bring attention to the ever growing marine and conservation issues, specifically issues pertaining to sharks.

Using her expertise in freediving, Liz contributed to the development of the new PADI Freediving program. She also represents and raises money for several nonprofit organizations geared towards educating youth about the importance of sharks in our underwater ecosystems.

Follow Liz on Instagram: @lizparkinson1