Shell Eisenberg

Freediving Specialist; 2x National Freediving Record Holder; PFI Instructor Trainer

Shell began freediving when she moved to Oahu in 2009 to attend University of Hawaii at Manoa. From daily ocean swimming she developed a deep respect for marine life and oceanography. Her first freediving job was as an underwater photographer. Interested in improving her breath holding skills, she began training with Performance Freediving International in 2012. Since that time, Shell trained through her advanced freediving and professional certifications, ultimately achieving her PFI Instructor Trainer qualifications. She now teaches all levels of freediving from snorkeling and freediving to 200 feet, to how to survive a big wave wipeout! Sharing how to freedive safely and improve one’s skill is Shell’s passion.

Shell is also an advocate for environmental conservation and responsible fishing practices. She participated as a freediver in the Oceanic Preservation Society’s powerful documentary Racing  Extinction. Additionally, she has used freediving for reef cleanups, invasive algae roundup, and data collection on reef transects.

In 2013 Shell began freediving competitively. She’s since broken two USA National Freediving Records in the discipline of Dynamic Apnea No-Fins (DNF). Her primary focus now is as a freediving coach for certified freedivers. She plans to continue competitively freediving, concentrating mostly on depth disciplines in 2017.